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Coffee & Breakfast


To go coffee and breakfast sammies: Wicked Island Bakery.  Get there before 10am or else they will sell out! 


Healthy breakfast right on Main Street: Lemon Press.  Fresh and organic eatery on Main Street to get your healthy breakfast complete with amazing coffees, juices, avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches, or wraps.


Health breakfast right outside of town: The Green.  In need of gluten free or fresh juice?  The Green has you covered.  Not much seating so be prepared to takeout. 


Sit down hungover breakfast or brunch:  Look no further than Island Kitchen.  The breakfast scrambles are the perfect cure for that hazy morning feeling.  It is also family friendly.  


Dinner & Donuts: Downy Flake has the best donuts on the island (also has classic diner brunch).


Best coffee on the island: Roastd General Store is the place to find the best coffee on the island.  Alongside the coffee, Roastd also sells wellness and specialty foods such as coffees, teas, treats, and locally made CBD goodies.

Lunch & Dinner


Sandwiches to go in town: Provisions... a Nantucket institution.  Located right on the wharf downtown, this place has been dishing out beach picnics, sailing lunches, and tourist fares for a long time. 


Sandwiches to go a bit out of town: Something Natural is another Nantucket classic (try their Portuguese bread, which is a superhuman version of sourdough with a large outdoor picnic area. 


Needing a burger: Lola Burger, either causal dine in or takeout, has epic shakes and burgers.


Davis family favorite: Millie's.  Come for the causal vibes and stay for the kickass margarita's and tacos, lovingly named after various Nantucket locations.  Millie's does not take reservations but coming early and enjoying a few drinks or walking down to Madaket beach to watch the sunset while you wait is a concrete plan. For the DC crowd, yes the original is better!  Plus Millie's is ultimate family friendly restaurant with it’s ultra causal vibes.


Quaint italian vibes: Pi Pizzeria… an Italian restaurant with quaint vibes.


New York scene on Nantucket? Lola 41 has you covered.  Combination of every food you could ever want in a closely packed space.  Lola 41 is also known for making the best sushi on the island.


Pizza on the go: Oath pizza, right on the wharf next to the fast ferry, serves up delicious thin crust pizza. 


ICE CREAM: The Juice Bar is a fan favorite and a MUST VISIT.  Will the line be around the corner at 2pm on a Tuesday? Yes.  Is it 100% worth the wait (the line moves fast)? 10,000% Yes. Definitely get a waffle cone or waffle bowl, which are made onsite.  PS it is cash only.  


For the fanciest dinner: Topper's at the Wauwinet.  Make a reservation far in advance to enjoy the beautiful views and fantastic dining.


Day Drinking with Food Trucks: Cisco Brewers is your place.  Plus, you can get yourself some quality Nantucket Swag in the form of a Cisco Brewers hat or shirt.



Madaket Beach.  Madaket is a bit farther out of town but a beautiful beach with amazing sunsets.  An added bonus is that Millie’s is right there to fulfill all of your snacking needs.


Ladies Beach.


Steps Beach.

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