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Why Nantucket & GHYC?

As you may have guessed, the Great Harbor Yacht Club is a special place for the Bride and all of the Davis Family.  The Bride’s father, Norwood, was one of founding members of Great Harbor Yacht Club. 


Starting a new yacht club in Nantucket was no easy task.  The early days of GHYC were colored by a fight for five years with the neighbors, the Conservation Commission, and the town itself.  In 2007, Norwood became the first Commodore of the Great Harbor Yacht Club.


In 2008, a group of financiers, who coveted Great Harbor’s real estate, tried to force the club into bankruptcy.  Never one to shy away from a challenge, Norwood, along with other board members, were able to fend off the attempted hostile take-over.  To their credit and the credit of the generous members, the Great Harbor Yacht Club is here today for us all to celebrate.


As thank you for all of his efforts on behalf of the Club, the new launch was christened the “Norwood Davis” July 2020.


Great Harbor is the physical manifestation of the Bride’s father – his passion for sailing, his steely determination, and his love for a good party.  We thank you for letting us share this very special place with you on the day of Clay and Jay’s wedding.

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